Hand-held 3000W Welder

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At JQ Laser, we combine cutting-edge technology with extensive industry knowledge to produce high-quality welding machines that surpass industry standards. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians is dedicated to developing advanced welding equipment that ensures precision, reliability, and efficiency in every weld.

With a comprehensive range of welding machines, we cater to various applications and industries. Whether you’re involved in automotive manufacturing, construction, or general fabrication, our machines are designed to meet the specific demands of your projects.



Basic product parameters

The values in the table below are variable and depending on the final configuration of desired model. Parameters of each device are fixed and given in commercial offers only.

Laser source3000W
Laser wavelength1070nm
Fiber core diameter50μm
Fiber length10m
Galvo width0.5-6mm
Scanning speed≤8000mm/s
Welding speed0-120mm/s

Swing welded joint

The width of the galvanometer is adjustable, the width of the weld bead is 0.5-5mm
Special welding nozzle can achieve welding at any position and angle
Infrared positioning, accurate welding position

Control System

LCD touch screen, good interactive control system
Preset multiple process modes to meet different process needs
Preset multiple security alarms

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Dual Temperature Chiller

Intelligent temperature control, compressor cooling
LCD display, temperature display at all times
Easy to use, stable performance, energy-saving and efficient

Meet our products

Not easy to deform

Large welding depth

Red light positioning

Multi angle and multi position

6-axis robot drive

High welding efficiency

High qualification rate

Small welding deformation

Ergonomic design

Simplify process

Integrated cabinet

BWT laser source

Swing welded joint

Control system

Double temperature chiller

Wire feeder (optional)

Integrated cabinet

Mopa pulsed laser source

Swing welded

Control system

Double temperature chiller

Integrated cabinet

Raycus laser source

Swing welded joint

Control system

Double temperature chiller

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